What is Kanecaron / Protex ?

Kanecaron/Protex is a flame retardant modacrylic fiber that has been developed by Kaneka.


The generic name of a fiber that has a lower Acrylonitrile (35-85%) level than ordinary acrylic fiber in its make up.

Self extinguish

No flame spread and the ability to stop combustion when the flame source is removed. Kanecaron/Protex will create a char that works to prevent the spread of flame without melting.

Inherent FR fiber

Fiber that has its FR characteristic is its polymer base without the need for topical FR treatments.



Kanecaron is a performance fiber that has the characteristics of high flame retardancy (FR) in addition to the soft hand and dyeability, as is the nature of acrylic fiber. It is an inherently self-extinguishing FR fiber that imparts excellent flame-retardancy to fabrics and nonwovens in blends with other natural and synthetic fibers. There is no deterioration in flame retardancy after either repeated washing or normal use over time.



Protex is the advanced FR fiber in the Kanecaron family. Based on the original characteristic of Kanecaron, both FR and heat resistance is improved which allows blends with other flammable fibers, such as, cotton or polyester while keeping a high level of FR performance.

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