Inherently Flame Retardant
The Advantages of Kanecaron®

1.Limit Oxygen Index (LOI)

Kanecaron®/Protex® exhibits a high LOI figure in comparison to other fibers.

Note: The above are test results conducted by Kaneka Corporation and are not guaranteed.

Limit Oxygen Index

LOI is the minimum required oxygen volume (by percent) that a specimen requires to continue burning in a gas mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. The higher oxygen value required to make a test specimen burn equates to a higher FR.


In the case of flammable fabric, fire spreads very quickly when ignited. Kanecaron®/Protex® blended fabric will self-extinguish and a char barrier will form that works as a shield to minimize fire damage.

3.FR Standards

Kanecaron®/Protex® blended fabric can meet various FR standards worldwide despite the different regulations and requirements.